The Shower Liner Replen Configurator

The Shower Liner Replen

Elevate your look

The Curl Hooks


Chic and functional, our Curl Hooks are just the right accent to make a splash. Set of 12 hooks. Slides smooth. Standard rod fit.


Simplifying storage

The Medium Storage Jar


A medium glass jar perfect for cotton balls, makeup brushes, cotton swabs and anything else you like to keep. Made of 100% Borosilicate glass and dishwasher-safe.

Storage for your suds

The Soap Dish


A beautifully minimalist soap dish made of Diatomaceous earth, a natural stone that is both antibacterial and quick-drying. Includes both a smooth and ridged side for a stronger grip on your counter or soap.

Everything has a place

The Everything Set


The ultimate set for storing and organizing all your bathroom essentials. Includes The Vanity Tray, The Soap Dish, The Toothbrush Holder, The Electric Toothbrush Holder, The Small Storage Jar, The Medium Storage Jar, and the Large Storage Jar. Made of Borosilicate glass and Diatomaceous earth, a naturally antibacterial, quick-drying stone.

The Shower Liner Replen


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