We take responsibility for
what we put out into the world

How it started

Luke, originally from London, moved to NY and encountered his first ever shower liner. With each passing day it grew more slime and mold, and before he knew it, he no longer felt clean in his own shower. “How is this a thing?” he asked Meg.

Meg, who grew up with shower liners, found herself feeling a growing sense of guilt and frustration every time she had to throw one out. Curbside recycling was confusing, and carrying plastics to a drop-off in NYC was a headache. “Why is this so hard?” she wondered.

Together, they realized it didn’t stop at shower liners. As it turns out, we all share an unsightly secret—we use dirty home essentials to keep our homes clean. Replacing them is one more chore that we keep delaying. And to top it off, they almost always end up in landfill...or worse, the ocean.

Why it started

We believe great companies should solve problems, not create new ones. The harsh truth is that most businesses just don’t care what happens after they sell something. Discarding the waste created is an issue they simply pass on to you.

At Outlines, we design for the whole life cycle of our products. We take responsibility for what we put out into the world and lift the burden off you. It’s an entirely new way of doing business—though hopefully not for long

We don’t just make home essentials, we design them.

We take great pride in how we design and construct every home essential from scratch. Every angle is considered, every detail is obsessed over, including what happens when a product is past its prime.