Responsible Replenishment: A new way of doing things

3 easy steps


Use our digital tool to take out the guesswork. Replen plans are based on your needs and routine, coupled with data and research on mold and bacteria. Then, decide which plan is right for you.


Ready to Replen? Return the dirty part for recycling, and reuse the rest. Not quite ready? You can skip or pause your Replens at any time.


Use your compostable prepaid mailer to return your old Replens. We’ll guarantee it gets recycled.

Product afterlife

We take responsibility for what we put out into the world. This includes taking necessary measures that guarantee proper discarding of our products. By including recycling experts at the earliest stages of our design process we’re able to optimize our products for recycling. In addition, we minimize our impact by only partnering with vetted, domestic recycling partners.

How to Replen

Detach old Replens

Separate from The Keep

Set aside reusable parts

Such as The Keep and The Anchors

Return old Replens

Along with any packaging that needs recycling, and send back using our pre-paid label

Our humble heroes

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The Shower Liner System