The future of Replenishment
is here

Responsible Replenishment: How it works


Learn how frequently you should replenish your shower liner, and get a personalized Replen Plan
backed by data and research.


Meet The Keep and Replen model, an easy-to-use system that makes hanging, and replacing, your shower liner a breeze.


Receive a fresh Replen at your personalized frequency with a returnable mailer. Send back your used Replen for guaranteed recycling—on us.

The dirty little secret

The shower, a place where we go to get clean, is the ideal environment for
mold, bacteria, and mildew.

The shower liner is one of the dirtiest surface in our bathroom, second only to our shower floor. It harbors high germ concentrations and harmful bacteria

Usage, ventilation, water content, and personal care products are some of the factors that impact the amount of build-up on a shower liner.

That “new shower liner smell” is a
clear sign of chemicals off-gasing
into the air. Daily exposure can be harmful to our health.

The plastic problem

The shower liner, one of the largest pieces of plastic in our
homes, can’t be recycled in curbside bins.

Looking ahead

We’ve come to expect more from all kinds of products in our homes, so why not the hard-working essentials that we use to keep our homes clean? Responsible Replenishment began with shower liners, but it won’t stop there. We’re developing an entire line of elevated, non-toxic, fully recyclable products. We love great design, and we’re excited to raise the bar on these humble, everyday heroes.

Luke & Meg